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Managed IT Services

As a managed services provider, we at Lama-Projects believe that IT should be simple and work. As technology has advanced, infrastructures have become more complex, so making sure they work has become more time-consuming and expensive. Instead of using IT as a competitive business tool, many organizations now find that they are simply spending their time keeping existing systems running.
That's where we think a managed service approach can help. Our flexible Lama-Projects "Managed Service" offer a smarter way to manage your IT, reduce your costs and provide the reliability and performance you need. From fully outsourced IT services, through our selective Lama-¨Projects "Managed Service" for specific parts of your infrastructure, to traditional IT support, we can provide services to meet any need. Here are just a few reasons why customers choose us as their managed services partner

Our Fexible Approach

Our Lama Projects "Managed Services" are always tailored to the specific business needs of each individual client. We can manage as much or as little as you want, and if your needs change, even temporarily, you can easily change the service.

Our technical expertise

We have been managing complex IT infrastructures since 2000. Our technicians have the highest levels of accreditation from the world's leading hardware and software vendors, and we are always on top of the latest technical developments. We have migrated our clients from legacy infrastructure and unsupported software (Windows XP, Exchange Server 2003, etc.) to the latest high-productivity systems, giving them access to industry-leading innovation to stay ahead of the market. Our experience includes the latest cloud-based services that support flexible out-of-office working. Most organizations agree that this is one of their biggest challenges in maintaining competitive advantage.

Our quality focus

A key reason clients turn to Lama-Projects "Managed Services" is to help them ensure greater flexibility through quality and consistency in their IT services. Our IT managed services are performed in accordance with ITIL - a framework of best practices for managing IT operations and services - so you know your IT is in safe hands. Our focus on quality allows our clients to optimize their ROI while maintaining a high quality of service across the full breadth of their IT environments. We can optimize technology lifecycle management, something that requires effective technology identification, transformation and continuous improvement to help our clients optimize their business opportunities and adapt to market conditions.


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